Nissan Patrol Photos


This is a great video of a Nissan Patrol GQ shorty diesel and a toyota landcruiser swimming in a lake. Must see!

Patrol Wagon
An unfortunate story we thought we would share here from one of our members in the Nissan Patrol forum. He
had a disaster of a day with the GU patrol overheating and quick fixing to try and get home. Last in the convoy with dust blocking his eye sight this poor guy rolled it over the edge. Come take a look at the forum to see more pictures of this guys rolled Nissan Patrol and to see the amazing restoration to get this wagon back to life again. Pure Patrol dedication has this wagon back on the road again as new...Well, almost new!


2 Nissan Patrol Power
Here's a good shot of two Nissan Patrol 4WD's pulling out a fully loaded truck with over 20 tonne of rubber. Apparently the truck couldn't get up the hill, tried to reverse back down then fell straight into the deep gutter off the side. The power of the Nissan Patrol!
Gu Patrol towing a huge load
One of our members in the forum Mark posted this and i thought it was worth a mention here. Its his GU Nissan Patrol work horse which tows around a massive 6 tonne on a daily basis. He ran a 3 inch exhaust through, tweaked up the turbo and fuel and now has awesome Patrol pulling power. Mark also mentions that if it wasn't for his Nissan then his business would not be where it is today. The amount of money he has saved in towing the huge playgrounds around rather then paying trucks to deliver them has saved his business when they first started out.
Modified Nissan Patrol Wagon
We found this little Patrol beauty at They are 44 inch tyres, 115mm suspension lift, 65mm aluminum blocks under the springs with new OME coil springs having 50mm longer shocks.
The front axle was moved forward 60mm and the rear axle moved back 20mm which means pretty much everything joining had to be modified to suit the new location.
The body had to be cut to match new fender flares. The Fender flares and aluminum side steps mounted. Rear fender flares were cut in half and made 40mm longer to make space for the 44" tyres.

We love this footage of a Nissan Patrol on a huge hill climb but right at the top something goes wrong. Quick thinking gets this guy out of a lot of trouble. Worth a look!



Nissan Patrol turbo performance in qatar.