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Patrol Parts

Nissan Patrol Parts

Nissan Patrol Parts

Need any Nissan Patrol parts and accessories? Well youv'e come to the right place. See our vast range of Nissan Patrol parts and save.


Nissan Patorl Forum

Nissan Patrol Forum

Come join our friendly Nissan Patrol forum. Discuss any problems or solutions and join a fun and helpful community of Nissan Patrol enthusiasts around the world.


Nissan Patrol Manuals

Free download of all Nissan Patrol manuals for GU, GQ, MQ, MK and loads of other Nissan Patrol related documents.



We are offering FREE advertising for any Nissan Patrol vehicle in Australia. Also come check out the specifications and prices on Nissan Patrol GU, GQ and MQ series.


We have loads of used Nissan Patrol 4WD's in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. In fact just about anywhere in Australia!


You can browse, buy, sell or even chat in our Nissan Patrol forum for discussions about Patrol parts, trips and modifications to your Nissan Patrol 4WD. It's FREE to sign up and easy to use. 

Have any Nissan Patrol photo's you want to show us? Have a look at our photo gallery showing off the great disasters, spectacular crashes and achievments or just great looking Nissan Patrol pictures from all around Australia. We also have some great photos sent in from our Nissan Patrol forum members 4x4's around all states of Australia.